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Development of a national Zoom-based lectureship for pediatric transplant hepatology trainees

Title: Development of a national Zoom-based lectureship for pediatric transplant hepatology trainees

Source: Pediatric Transplantation 2023, July 18. [E-publication]

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Date of publication: July 2023

Publication type: Article

Abstract: Background: Previous publications identified a gap in standard education on topics related to advanced hepatology and liver transplantation for pediatric transplant hepatology trainees. The Society of Pediatric Liver Transplantation (SPLIT) Education Committee designed a Zoom-based lectureship series for all advanced pediatric transplant hepatology trainees. We aim to describe the educational series and feedback from fellow participants.

Methods: Pediatric transplant hepatology trainees from across the United States and Canada were invited to attend 25 Zoom-based lectures on a broad list of topics pertaining to pediatric transplant hepatology. At the completion of the lectureship, a 53-item REDcap survey using single-answer, Likert-scale, and open-ended questions was distributed via email to all participants.

Results: A total of 16 fellows from broad geographic areas responded to the survey. Nineteen percent (n = 3/16) of fellows attended all 25 lectures and 31% (n = 5/16) attended 16-20 lectures. Majority of fellows (88%, n = 14/16) reported the lecture series increased knowledge of liver disease, increased confidence in managing children with liver disease, and aided with board preparation. Additionally, over half of the fellows (81%, n = 13/16) reported the series served as a platform for networking and mentoring from peers and experts in the field. All fellows recommended the lecture series for future fellows.

Conclusion: The SPLIT educational lectureship for advanced pediatric transplant hepatology trainees provided a national education curriculum that not only led to increased knowledge and confidence in the diagnosis and management of common conditions encountered in pediatric transplant hepatology but also provided a unique networking and mentorship environment.

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