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Diagnosis, management, and prognosis of cystic fibrosis-related liver disease in children

Title: Diagnosis, management, and prognosis of cystic fibrosis-related liver disease in children

Source: Diagnostics 2024, 14 (5): 538

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Date of publication: March 2024

Publication type: Review article

Abstract: Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a multifaceted disorder predominantly investigated for its pulmonary manifestations, yet patients with CF also exhibit a spectrum of extrapulmonary manifestations, notably those involving the hepatobiliary system. The latter constitutes the third leading cause of morbidity and mortality in individuals with CF. Cystic fibrosis-related liver disease (CFLD), with an escalating prevalence, manifests diverse clinical presentations ranging from hepatomegaly to cirrhosis and hepatopulmonary syndrome. Consequently, early detection and appropriate management are imperative for sustaining the health and influencing the quality of life of CF patients afflicted with CFLD. This review aims to consolidate existing knowledge by providing a comprehensive overview of hepatobiliary manifestations associated with CF. It delineates the clinical hepatobiliary manifestations, diagnostic methodologies, incorporating minimally invasive markers, and therapeutic approaches, encompassing the impact of novel CFTR modulators on CFLD. Given the exigency of early diagnosis and the intricate management of CFLD, a multidisciplinary team approach is essential to optimize care and enhance the quality of life for this subset of patients. In conclusion, recognizing CF as more than solely a pulmonary ailment, the authors underscore the imperative for further clinical investigations to establish a more robust evidence base for CFLD management within the continuum of this chronic disease.

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