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If you don’t ask you don’t get

Dee explains why it’s always worth asking your child’s school to get involved in Big Yellow Friday

When your child has a liver disease it affects the whole family. My youngest child Tiffany, who is now seven, received a liver transplant when she was a baby. Thankfully she is now doing really well but the support of CLDF has been invaluable to us all as a family.

When Tiffany was just two I asked the staff at Abbey Primary School, where her older siblings attended, if they would like to get involved in Big Yellow Friday and they were delighted to!

I suggested a Wear Yellow Day as it’s really easy to organise and all the pupils paid £1 to join in with that. In addition the Year Two and Three pupils put their heads together and decided they would like to do a sponsored walk.

I was really touched to get so much support from children and staff who didn’t even know Tiffany. It just shows the response you can get when a school understands that something is directly affecting one of their own families.

They raised a fantastic £1235 in total. I felt so proud and so grateful that afterwards I went in to do a little talk at their assembly about liver disease and organ donation and the children were really receptive.

I know that we can all be a bit reluctant to approach schools about fundraising because they do get loads of requests from bigger charities. However when there is a personal connection it is a bit different and even if they only do a Wear Yellow Day it can bring in a lot of money.

I always say ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get’ so go for it!

If you’d like a template letter to fill in and hand into your child’s school or nursery about Big Yellow Friday , just email

Some of the pupils who did a Big Yellow Sponsored Walk.

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