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It’s time to get the picnic rugs out!

It’s hard to believe sometimes but the picnic season really is upon us! We’re encouraging as many of you as possible to have a Big Bears’ Picnic to raise funds for CLDF this summer. Here Alice explains how easy it is.

“My son, Bertie, opened a mailer from CLDF about Big Bears’ Picnic and was very keen to organise something and we thought it might be fun.

“The boys got involved in the planning  – they made signs and cakes and on the day they organised games, kept smaller children entertained, served teas and provided soft toys when cuddles were needed.

“We just kept it very relaxed and informal in our back garden. We had about 20 people – a mix of adults and children. The boys invited their friends and their friends’ parents. People who came thought it was a lovely idea and really didn’t mind parting with money – they were very generous.

“We were delighted to have raised £165 simply by having a fun afternoon in our garden so I would encourage anyone who is thinking of having a Big Bears’ Picnic to go ahead!”

Download all you need for your very own Big Bears’ Picnic HERE.

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