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Joanna takes prescription charges battle to the airwaves

We know that prescription charges are an issue which concern many of our families, so we’re very proud to report that one of our young people, Joanna Howe, is to feature in a Radio 4 documentary on the subject.

“I agreed to take part in the programme because I feel strongly about the fact that people with long term conditions, especially us liver transplant patients, have to pay for prescriptions,” explains Joanna, 22. “It’s never seemed fair to me that as soon as I turned 18 I have had to pay for medication for a condition that I was born with and is not my fault.

“Making the programme involved speaking to a journalist, and then travelling to London and the Cotswolds to interview experts in asthma nursing, a lady from the Prescription Charges Coalition, and a pharmacist.  Then I went to BBC Broadcasting House in London to record the links between each interview.

“The whole experience was really exciting.  I’ve been interviewed for a magazine before, but this was much more involved and really allowed me to share my voice and opinion on the matter.”

We’re very glad you did Joanna. Many young people with long term conditions will be delighted you have helped bring attention to this issue.

‘My Name is Joanna’ will be broadcast on Monday (February 24) at 8pm on BBC Radio 4. Listen to the recording here.

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