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Keep it simple – just wear yellow!


So Big Yellow Friday is just three weeks away. Maybe despite all your best intentions you haven’t managed to organise that sponsored walk/football match/ children’s disco? Panic not – this is exactly why Wear Yellow Days and cake sales are our top fundraisers! It’s obvious really….

  • They’re always a winner. Who doesn’t love cake?
  • So easy to plan – ‘Would everyone like to wear something yellow next Friday and bring in £1?’ Job done!
  • It’s a chance to wear that yellow top you bought in the sale that seemed such a bargain at the time…..
  • If you’re not feeling quite so brave you can just wear those yellow socks.
  • You’ll get a fun photo to share on your school or workplace social media
  • And we’re told that yellow’s positive associations include happiness, courage, creativity and excitement. Who doesn’t need that after a long winter?!

So dig out that loud shirt,  download your fundraising pack and start promoting your Wear Yellow Day   Big Yellow Friday Pack | Children’s Liver Disease Foundation (

We’re here to help at and can’t wait to see your pictures!

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