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Liver charities merge to strengthen services and increase liver disease awareness

The UK’s two leading liver health charities, the British Liver Trust and Children’s Liver Disease Foundation, have merged as one charity, to increase funding, improve awareness and better support patients and families affected by liver disease in the UK.
The merger will be directed by an executive team and trustees from both of the original charities.  Pamela Healy OBE will be the Chief Executive of the newly merged charity, having been Chief Executive at the British Liver Trust since 2019.

As one charity, the British Liver Trust and Children’s Liver Disease Foundation, believe they can make more impact by pooling their resources.

Pamela says: “Becoming a larger charity and combining our strengths, resources, and expertise will enhance our ability to positively impact the lives of patients, families and carers who are at the centre of everything we do.

Liver disease is on the rise in the UK and is expected to overtake heart disease as the leading cause of premature death, highlighting the urgent need to tackle this growing public health concern.

Pamela continues, “Having one distinct organisation will also allow us to widen our impact and reach, increase advocacy for policy change, campaign even more effectively for improved patient care and collaborate on research opportunities.”

People of all ages are affected by liver disease and with over a hundred different conditions affecting both adults and children, the spectrum of liver diseases is vast and varied. By uniting, the charities will ensure there is seamless care and support from paediatric to adult liver disease, with the aim of driving up the quality of patient care and saving lives.

Michelle Wilkins, Head of Services at Children’s Liver Disease Foundation, says: “Bringing together the expertise and resources of the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation with the British Liver Trust marks a significant milestone in our mission to ensure that children and young people with liver disease are not limited by their condition. A diagnosis of childhood liver disease means a lifetime of medical care and this merger will ensure we can offer comprehensive information and support to everyone impacted by liver disease, across all ages.”

See message from CEO Pamela Healy here.

In the short term, both organisations will retain their individual branding and continue to deliver all adult, children’s and families services as they have done previously. The newly merged teams will develop the fully integrated charity together and in the longer term, activities and work will be aligned for the benefit of children and adults with liver disease.  Patients, supporters, healthcare professionals and stakeholders will be consulted throughout this process.

All current staff from both charities will be retained.

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