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Luke’s film tells the reality of the ultimate gift

A Coventry University graduate who made a documentary about the impact of organ donation on families has released his film to coincide with NHS Organ Donation Week (September 26 – October 2).

Luke Alexander, 22, who comes from Reading, was born with the rare liver disease, biliary atresia and received a life-saving transplant ten years ago. As part of his degree in Media Production, which he completed this summer, he chose to make a documentary about the reality of liver transplant in children, together with Children’s Liver Disease Foundation (CLDF) and Koptic Studios, the film company he started with  a fellow Coventry  student during lockdown.

“I was only 12 when I had my transplant, I’d always known this was a possibility and I didn’t really give it a great deal of thought,” explains Luke.

“As I’ve got older I’ve had time to reflect on this and when it came to making my film, I wanted to explore the process from the parents’ point of view. So I approached CLDF, who’ve always provided me and my family with information and support, and they put me in contact with families who were willing to share their experiences.”

The result is a moving documentary, The Other Side, in which three sets of parents share what they went through before, during and after their child underwent a liver transplant.

“I’m hoping that the film helps people who may never have thought about this understand why it’s so important to be on the Organ Donor Register and also give hope to families whose child is facing a transplant in the future,” says Luke.

Dan Hopkins, course leader for Media Production at Coventry University, commented:” Luke was a pleasure to teach and worked really hard at making a documentary that showed a different side to this story. We are really proud of what he has made and are currently submitting it to film festivals and student awards this year, as one of our successful and professional films made on the course.  I look forward to seeing what Luke goes on to next.”

Rebecca Cooper, Chief Executive of Children’s Liver Disease Foundation added: “We’re incredibly proud of Luke. Not only for graduating this summer, but for using his skills to produce a film which will raise awareness of this important issue, and help other families in this situation.”

The Other Side is available to watch free online and can be seen here

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