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My liver disease has made me more focussed

Many of our young people are currently expecting exam results  which will determine their next steps. Liam, who is awaiting his A level results, shares his story.

When I was eight weeks old I was diagnosed with biliary atresia in Birmingham Children Hospital and  I had my Kasai operation when I was 11 weeks old. I can’t remember, obviously, but Mum and Dad said I was a fighter, screaming for milk as soon as I came round. After that I had a few ups and downs and was in and out of hospital for a few weeks at a time with liver infections around the ages of one and two.  After that I was on medication until I was 11 years old but apart from that I have been very healthy.


I showed an interest in music early on. I used to bang around on my mum’s piano, so when I was six she got me lessons. Through primary school I discovered I could also sing and I followed my sister to a drama group where I realised  I loved acting as well. I also joined the Cubs at primary school and followed through into the Scouts.

So growing up I really didn’t feel that my liver disease affected me apart from the fact that I have never played any impact sports such as football, rugby or taekwondo. Admittedly this was lonely when I started secondary school but thankfully my love for music carried me through and I joined the choir, orchestra and other music groups.


I also did my Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh awards with walking, cycling and canoeing expeditions.  I stayed with the Scouts and am now a helper at my local Scout group.

I have never let my condition hold me back.


After my GCSEs, I went to Kings College in Taunton on a music scholarship. I’ve taken A Levels in  Music, Biology and History and am currently awaiting the results.  I have been offered a place at Durham University to study music but I am taking a year out because Sherborne school has offered me a place as a music scholar where I will help out in the music department and also sing in Sherborne Abbey’s choir.

I am now 18 and I live a completely normal life apart from the fact that I don’t drink. All my friends have always known I couldn’t drink and they completely respect this fact. 


I feel that my liver disease has made me more focused and driven about what I want to do with my life and what I want to achieve. 

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