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National Paediatric Multidisciplinary Operational Delivery Network for treating Hepatitis C Goes Live

Children’s Liver Disease Foundation (CLDF) are delighted to share that a new national multidisciplinary operational delivery network (ODN) has been launched by NHS England (NHSE), to treat children and young people with hepatitis C (HCV).

This unique network is the first in the world to provide a national treatment pathway for children and young people with HCV. It aspires to provide high quality treatment and equity of access for children and young people (aged 3 – 18) whilst also ensuring they receive care close to home.

The team will be led by Professor Deirdre Kelly and includes clinicians from the three national paediatric liver units; paediatric infectious disease clinicians; CLDF as the patient organisation and representation from regional centres.

The service will be available from 1st April 2021 and will hold monthly virtual meetings. The Multidisciplinary team will provide support and advice to referring clinicians and families as required.

While funding arrangements may differ, clinicians from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are able to refer patients for advice about treatment and attend the virtual MDT meetings

The aim of this network is to maximise uptake and completion of treatment and to cure more people of infection. This will improve quality of life, prevent premature death and reduce the risk of onward transmission.

“I am delighted to have the opportunity to ensure that all children in England with HCV receive timely and appropriate treatment to prevent the long-term complications of this disease.” says Professor Deirdre Kelly (Professor of Paediatric Hepatology and Consultant Paediatric Hepatologist).

“This is a wonderful development and a real milestone in the journey to minimising the effects of this devastating disease for children and young people. It will make a real difference to their futures. It is great to be part of the steering group contributing to this initiative.” Alison Taylor (Chief Executive, Children’s Liver Disease Foundation).

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