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New support for families in Scotland

By January 2, 2019 No Comments

We’re delighted to welcome Kate Conroy to CLDF as our Scotland Support Officer. Kate will be boosting the support we offer in Scotland by meeting families at clinics and introducing them to our services . She will also be working with our Children and Families officer, Lois, to provide support to individual families where needed. Kate whose previous role involved supporting families affected by imprisonment is relishing  her new role. “I have already met so many exceptionally brave families and children, help them to meet other families going through a similar experience and know they are not alone,” she says.

“I feel really excited that we can now offer more support to more families across Scotland. I hope to bring more Scottish families together and let them know about all the support, information and activities we can offer children, young people and their parents. I feel really privileged to be part of CLDF who work so hard to ensure families affected by child liver disease feel supported, heard and valued. Rest of Scotand, here I come!” If you are based in Scotland and would like to contact Kate you can do so at

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