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Quick, safe, effective: ultrasound-guided percutaneous liver biopsy in the pediatric patient

Title: Quick, safe, effective: ultrasound-guided percutaneous liver biopsy in the pediatric patient

Source: Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology 2023, Dec 23. [E-publication]

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Date of publication: December 2023

Publication type: Retrospective review

Abstract: Background: Percutaneous liver biopsy has proven to be a valuable tool in the workup of pediatric acute liver failure and the management of post-transplant rejection. However, consensus regarding pre-procedure laboratory values and post-procedure monitoring is lacking.

Objective: To characterize the incidence of complications, procedural time, and specimen adequacy for percutaneous liver biopsy in the pediatric patient.

Methods: Retrospective review of percutaneous liver biopsies at a single institution was performed for a 5-year span. Procedural notes and anesthesia records were sampled for patient weight and procedural factors across a continuous 6-month period, as well as for the subgroup of patients under 24 months of age. A representative continuous subset of pathology reports comprising 376 patients were reviewed for estimation of specimen adequacy.

Results: Eight hundred and sixty-seven ultrasound-guided percutaneous liver biopsies were performed in a 5-year period, 450 of which were in the post-transplant setting with about a 3:1 ratio of split: whole liver transplant. Patient ages ranged from 1 month to 21 years old, with weight ranging from 2.7 to 125 kg. Of the 376 pathology reports available, none were found to be inadequate for evaluation. Two major complications occurred, both of which were biliary leaks in the setting split-liver transplant. There were no incidences of post-procedure hemorrhage. Of the sample reviewed, mean “skin-to-skin” procedure time was under 8.5 min (median of 7 min). Solely among transplant patients, biopsies for split livers averaged 9.2 min, biopsies for whole livers averaged 6.2 min (two-tailed independent t test, p = 0.0426).

Conclusion: Ultrasound guided percutaneous liver biopsy is fast, useful, and safe in pediatric patients on an outpatient basis with same day discharge.

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