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Transition care to adolescent hepatology in a tertiary center for rare adult–child liver disease

Title: Transition care to adolescent hepatology in a tertiary center for rare adult–child liver disease

Source: Archives de Pediatrie 2023, Nov 20. [E-publication]

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Date of publication: November 2023

Publication type: Article

Abstract: Aims: This study analyzed the results of a transition program in a patient population with a rare liver disease of pediatric onset.

Method: Data were collected on the clinical course of an adolescent population with a rare disease of pediatric onset and enrolled in a transition program between 1994 and 2022.

Results: A total of 238 adolescents (including 34 having undergone a liver transplant on enrolling in the program) were included. Eight patients were lost to follow-up before the first transition consultation and 16 families requested follow-up in an adult hepatology department closer to their home. Overall, 214 initial transition consultations were carried out; 29 patients were subsequently lost to follow-up and 13 switched center. Overall, 15.4 % of the patients enrolled in our program were lost to follow-up. Five adult patients underwent a liver transplantation during this 28-year period. Overall mortality was 3.2 %, graft survival was 91.5 %, and posttransplant survival was 92 %. In total, the current active file represents 183 patients with a median age of 24.3 years (18-51) and a median follow-up period of 5.8 years (6 months to 28 years).

Conclusion:The implementation of a transition program to adult medicine for adolescents with a rare liver disease should follow the recommendations but must be adapted in line with local practice conditions. This process requires close collaboration between the pediatric and adult medicine teams based on a mutual desire to constantly improve practices and enhance knowledge.

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