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What can I do to help?

Joe and Josie were keen to do something for CLDF after their son Rudy was diagnosed with biliary atresia last year, and have found very different ways of doing so.

Yoga teacher, Josie, decided to put her skills to excellent use.

” Yoga was absolutely essential for me in managing the emotional stresses of what Rudy went through in the first few months of his life. I think it is so important for everyone to have tools that work for them to help de stress when life is unexpectedly unsettling or traumatic,” she says. “So I put on occasional special classes where all the proceeds go CLDF. The last one  was such a calming, restorative evening class and a wonderful group gathered together for it at our local community based yoga studios, Salt Water Studios, in Worthing. It was wonderful that such a positive experience raised £110 for a cause so close to our hearts.”

Her partner, Joe, opted for a different kind of physical activity and decided to run the London Marathon.

“I always like to challenge myself and recognising the strength and resilience which Rudy proved to us all during his recovery really gave me that push,” explains Joe. “When everything happened, my first thought was what can I do to help? The opportunity was there to run the Marathon in aid of CLDF so I jumped at the chance!

“The training was hard but the day was uplifting – exhilarating actually. I was blown away by the encouragement and support from friends and family. I had a huge sense of pride when I crossed the finish line after 5 hours and 14 minutes and to know that I raised over £2,600 made it even better!”

“The Marathon took place on our second wedding anniversary and I took Rudy up to watch,” adds Josie. “It was a fantastic day and for us really emotional to think how far Rudy has come since his Kasai this time last year. His body has made an incredible recovery and he is now a super strong active little boy who eats well, sleeps well (mostly!) and is always on the go. We are so proud of him.”

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