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What we took away from the picnic – Kerry’s story

When CLDF held their Easter family picnic at Daisy Nook Country Park, families from around the north west joined them for food, fun and silly games. But they took away so much more than that, as Kerry, who went along with her husband Anthony and children, three year old Oscar and six year old Amelia, explains.

“We’ve been receiving information from CLDF ever since Oscar was diagnosed with biliary atresia when he was just a few weeks old. I had seen something on the website about the picnic and then the next time I attended the liver clinic at Leeds and met Lois, CLDF’s families officer, she told me a bit more about it. It sounded like fun, so we decided to come along.

Amelia and Oscar enjoyed CLDF’s family picnic

“Medically Oscar is doing really well. Because he was only seven months old when he had his transplant, taking daily immunosuppressants has become second nature to him. As he is getting older, however he is starting to understand a bit about his liver, and taking more of an interest in his ‘scratch’. So we thought it would be good for him to meet other children in similar positions.

“We were p[roved right! Both children really enjoyed their day and particularly liked meeting other children who are in similar situations. For Amelia, I worry that sometimes things seem to be all about Oscar to her. She is very protective of her little brother and if he gets hurt, she shouts ‘be careful of his liver!’ So, for her to meet other children that have siblings with a liver condition is just as important as Oscar meeting children who live with it and we were so pleased she was able to do so that day.

“The best thing about the day for us as parents was being around other families pre and post- transplant. There are some things that people outside the liver community just do not understand so it is lovely to be able to get people together.

“I would definitely come to a CLDF event again. I want both children to understand that there is support there for them should they ever need it and to have fun in the process.”

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