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Why I decided to give back


Archie was 20 when he took part in the London Marathon last year and was the youngest member of Team CLDF. Here he explains why he decided to take on such a challenge.

My older brother was born with a rare liver disease and underwent a liver transplant when he was just three. At the time, my mum was pregnant with me and it was a very tough time for the family. CLDF helped my family out massively during a really difficult time and my mum tells me they supported her every step of the way.

My brother Ollie is now 22 years post- transplant and happily is doing well.

I love running, the London Marathon is something I’ve always wanted to do and what better cause could I do it for than the charity which helped my family out in very tough times?

Although I had never done a marathon before, I knew my fitness was in a very good place and I stuck to a training plan. I was a little nervous as the day approached but people had  told me that the support of the crowd really helps.

They were right – it was an amazing day and what an experience it was! Yes it was tough but you have to keep remembering that it’s for a good cause and that you can do it.

I felt really proud to have completed it in four hours 21 minutes and raised over £2600 for CLDF.

To anyone else who is thinking of taking it on, I’d say if you are physically fit and have the determination you can do it!

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