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Why I’m stepping out of my comfort zone

Not everyone dreams of running a marathon one day but sometimes extraordinary circumstances can inspire people to take on extraordinary things as David, a 34 year old retail manager from London, explains.


I knew nothing  knew nothing about CLDF until a close family member was diagnosed with biliary atresia a few years ago. Now I’ve seen first- hand the impact such a diagnosis can have on a family and also how the CLDF really makes a difference by providing support and information. I feel that it’s more important than ever to do my part, as charities are struggling more than ever in a cost-of-living crisis and donations must be down and it’s important to raise money for the long-term survival of charities like CLDF for future generations.

I enjoy running – I started doing Parkrun   a few years back and entered a few 10k races, but nothing on this scale. However,  completing the London Marathon has to be the ultimate goal of any runner. And raising a much needed chunk of money for CLDF makes it a win win!

Training for a marathon has certainly been a challenge, particularly when the evenings and dark and wet and I’m trying to fit in in alongside working full time and studying part time. Now we have just days to go I’m not  sure if I want the time to slow down so its further away or speed up to get it over with!

I’ll feel proud when I’ve done it and I’m less focused on achieving a particular time and more about completing the course and raising the money for CLDF. The most inspiring quote I’ve heard so far is that it’s just a 10k with a 20-mile warm up!

I know the atmosphere will be amazing and I’m looking forward to that. I’m also looking forward to not having to think about training all the time. Whether I will be up for doing it again is something you would have to ask me afterwards!

Children’s Liver Disease Foundation: Running/walking/ limping and crying the 2023 London Marathon for CLDF (

David is one of 21 runners taking part in the 2023 London Marathon for CLDF. We wish them all the best for the day


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