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Why our fundraising is an annual event

However special a cause is to you, organising a fundraiser takes time and effort which is why many people prefer to use social media. Rachel explains why here:

I do a birthday fundraiser on Facebook every year for my 10 year old son, Caius, who was diagnosed with biliary atresia at three weeks old and underwent a Kasai operation. He is now doing well even though he has to cope with portal hypertension and varices.

Birthday fundraisers are relatively easy to do as Facebook pretty much shows you what to do. It can be a bit tricky editing the page with photos and tagging people in it but I manage to get there. They usually do fairly well. The last few years have not been as successful as previous ones but people are struggling more financially now so it is understandable. I always feel that raising something is better than nothing and doing it this way I raise awareness for the charity as well as funds.

I feel that fundraising in this way is the least I can do. My boy went through so much at a young age, CLDF were there for me and I feel the need to give something back. Facebook fundraisers are a great way of raising money for families that have busy lives.

If you would like to use Facebook to raise funds and need some help contact

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