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Liver Stories

Alex’s story

By January 24, 2017 No Comments

Alex knew that something was wrong with her newborn baby. Encouraged by her best friend Laura to follow her instincts, she took her to hospital but she wasn’t prepared for the news the doctors gave her. Five week old Imogen had biliary atresia, a rare and incurable liver disease.

“It was heartbreaking,” says Alex. “The doctors told me she would need surgery immediately. I remember asking if this meant she might die and they said she might. Luckily Imogen’s surgery was successful but I still struggled to take in the fact that she has a lifelong condition and may need a liver transplant one day.

“A lovely lady from CLDF came to see me in hospital. She sat with me while I cried and then told me about the Foundation and how they could help us.”

“What CLDF have done for me and my family is truly amazing,” says Alex. ”Imogen is doing well now but one day she might not be. We know they will continue supporting us as a family as this disease will never go away and it never gets any easier. Through CLDF we have been able to share experiences with other families who have been affected and seen wonderful stories of young people who are living full and happy lives despite their liver condition. This is what gives us hope and in our situation, hope is so important.”

Alex’s daughter Imogen with her big sister, Eleanor

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