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How could I say no?

Fundraising doesn’t have to involve months of planning. Sometimes, as in the case of Sacha and Kevin who recently raised £1391 doing the London Vitality 10K, it can just happen, as Sacha explains.

It all started when Kevin’s lovely wife Alison popped in to see me at work and I mentioned that I’d started a ‘50 before 50’ list.  A 10k was on the list, but I thought I’d just do it around the park…in my own time!

But sometimes fate intervenes. That evening, Alison tagged me in CLDF’s Instagram post offering places in the Vitality 10K, which was just weeks away. I know that the Foundation has been important to Alison and Kevin ever since their daughter, Ava, was diagnosed with a rare liver disease as a baby. So how could I say no to raising money for Ava’s charity? This is a young lady I’ve known since she was four years old as our children attended the same primary school and hit it off immediately – as did Alison and I.

I’m so glad I didn’t. The whole experience was amazing and to raise the money in such a short space of time was incredible… every time someone donated, I shared to my Instagram and posted the link time and time again.

Kevin didn’t take much convincing to join me and it was great to run with someone and encourage each other as we went along.

Kevin was pleased to cross the finish line!

It was brilliant to raise so much for a cause which is so close to home and I’m hoping my partner will be fit enough to take on the challenge next year!

If you’ve been inspired by Sacha’s story, you might want to know that we’re now accepting applications for the 2024 Great North Run. See more here   Great North Run 2024 | Children’s Liver Disease Foundation (

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