Living With Childhood Liver Disease

Childhood liver disease is a lifelong condition which has real implications for you, your child and the rest of your family. In this section you’ll find information which you may find useful on how to cope with various aspects of living with liver disease.

Looking after yourself

If your child gets ill very quickly the stresses and demands placed on you may affect you physically. It is important as a parent or carer that you look after yourselves and accept any support offered. When you are in hospital with your child you should try to take rest breaks when possible. Remember to eat and catch up on sleep whenever you can. There is a lot to understand and come to terms with in a short space of time and asking questions is really important. You will be offered opportunities to meet with the team looking after your child and you can talk to the team about any questions you have.

Where can I find help and support?

Other family members, for example grandparents, can feel isolated and helpless. As well as the concern for their grandchild, they will also be worried about their children. It often helps if you keep everyone informed about your child’s condition and have leaflets for other family members to read so they understand what is happening.

You can download leaflets on different medical conditions or order them here

CLDF’s families team can also provide you with support and advice whenever you need it. Get in touch on 0121 212 or on Facebook.

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